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11 Aug 2014
" Thank you for your quick and great service. I do appreciate it a lot. "
13 Jun 2014
" Dear Sirs at Allo Taxi, I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent service you provide. Yesterday, I ordered an “Allo Taxi” from BEY airport late at night and as I rushed to reach home I dropped my Passport inside the Taxi . Thankfully, your driver Maroun Estifan (18), called me this morning asking if I dropped my passport and delivered it to me within minutes with a happy smile. Again, I can’t stress how thankful I am for the excellent service and the high morals of Mr. Maroun as he saved me from a huge headache with his gesture. Please send him my regards and appreciation. I am glad we chose Allo Taxi as our corporate partner. "
13 Jun 2014
" Allow me to extend a warm thank you to Allo Taxi Driver Victor Wehbi car number 86, phone n 03931916 for his great honesty gesture today. At the Radisson parking, he noticed that one of our colleagues left behind a personal bag. Victor took it immediately to the Hotel and handed it over to the Concierge. Please inform Victor to pass by the Concierge desk again to pick up a small token of appreciation from our side. "
11 Jun 2014
" Dear Allo Taxi Management, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the service you have provided me with during my last visit to Lebanon last week. The way you maintain your cars, cleanliness, quality of drivers and the high professionalism is well noted and much valued. I spent my four full days with George Lahoud of which I thank him for always being so kind, humble, professional and above all very attentive to satisfy his customers. He is always one step ahead of his guests, very proactive in so many different ways "arrive to pick you up 10 minutes before the agreed time, getting out of the car to open the trunk, assist with the bags, getting you to the right address from the first time, having cold water ready in the car all day long", I never saw a professional driver in my entire 12 years using such a service, I have over 15 business trips a year of which I always hire drivers for full days but like the service of George, I don't think that is easy to find. We all feel proud with such a service and such a company, high standards which can compete companies in so many countries with a similar line of service. Congratulation and do keep the god job by training, grooming and above all delivering exceptional standards. "
09 Jun 2014
" Dear Allo taxi, I would like to thank you for a great service. From the person who answers my phone call (Michel) to the taxi drivers(Moustapha & Mansour). Your service is very professional especially with the new messaging strategy that our taxi has arrived. I had a great experience and I will be choosing your services from now on. I had a pleasurable experience with Taxi number 12 with driver Mansour, as he was very polite, responsible and professional. As well as not very talkative which is something I always enjoy in my taxi experience. I highly congratulate you on your excellent service and thank you for providing it to us. "
09 Jun 2014
" Really great experience with Said driving the taxi Thank you Very professional Cristel 03839648 "
08 Jun 2014
" Great and rare. It was on time! "
06 Jun 2014
" Just wanted to praise the excellent service provided by one of Allo City's drivers called Ali. He dropped my 15 year old daughter from Hazmieh to Clemencau this afternoon. She urged me to send this comment because she claimed she had never felt so comfortable and safe in a taxi as she did with this driver. I hope he will be available to drive her in future. Thanks. "
06 Jun 2014
" Hello Allo You sent me a text asking for feed back after this journey. Everything went perfectly thank you, precisely on time, nice car, nice driver. I tried to reply to your text but it did not include any number! "
06 Jan 2014
" Thanks for your services as usual it's excellent one. "